A downloadable Supasu for Windows and Android

Super Sushi Funtime (Supasu for short) is a 2.5D physics exploration game prototype with a Japanese Game Show theme. My goal was to make a touch-friendly game for Mobile & PC. Swipe across the main character to fling him/her into the air.

(Two fingers or left & right mouse buttons + swipe up to push or swipe down to pull in the 3rd dimension.)

On the PC version there is the beginnings of a spline editor for platforms. Click and drag a yellow control circle with the left mouse button to reshape the platform. Right click a yellow control circle to toggle smooth/sharp corners. Press an arrow key to add a platform section.

Special Thanks to Edward Ikeguchi for giving permission to use the background image for this project, seen here:


The text is Japanese and says "kani pinch" which means "crab pinch" :)





Install instructions

Press Escape key to quit the PC version.


SuperSushiFuntimeFiles.zip 18 MB
SuperSushiFuntime.apk 26 MB

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